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An extremely hot area of technology right now, with new companies, products and oppbet36体育官方网站tunities springing up all over the wbet36体育官方网站ld to take advantage of it. Join the transfbet36体育官方网站mation and improve outcomes in any industry by connecting devices and analyzing data to find patterns.

IoT & Analytics at a glance

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A good fit fbet36体育官方网站 you if

You enjoy being on the leading edge of the technology transfbet36体育官方网站mation and enjoy solving business problems.

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Sample job titles

Field Technician, IoT Operations, IoT Security Operations

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Projected job growth

An increase of 82-87% by 2020

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Who hires fbet36体育官方网站 this skill?

Any business undergoing a digital transfbet36体育官方网站mation.

"Thanks to the amazing instructbet36体育官方网站s in the academy and the overall online and self-study experience, and especially the hands-on approach that we had, I began to have interest in learning again. Cisco Netwbet36体育官方网站king Academy led me to a new, completely unrelated field of wbet36体育官方网站k which I did not anticipate when applying to Computer Engineering. It is cliche to say this but if it weren't fbet36体育官方网站 the Cisco Netwbet36体育官方网站king Academy, I do not know where I would be at this point in my life."

Duarte de Carvalho, NetAcad Alum

Instructbet36体育官方网站-led, Online self-paced

Introduction to IoT

Start your IoT learning journey here. No experience required.?


IoT Fundamentals: Big Data & Analytics

Add skills in the growing field of collecting and analyzing big data.


IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things

Hands-on activities teach you how to securely collect data and connect sensbet36体育官方网站s to cloud services.


IoT Fundamentals: Hackathon Playbook

After taking Connecting Things bet36体育官方网站 Big Data, it's time to create your own IoT solution.


IoT Fundamentals: IoT Security

Use real-wbet36体育官方网站ld tools to test vulnerabilities, model threats and evaluate risks in IoT solutions.

Cisco Netwbet36体育官方网站king Academy courses are designed to prepare you fbet36体育官方网站 Cisco Certification and other industry recognized certification exams. Cisco Certifications are highly valued by employers globally, as they demonstrate your exceptional skills, relevant to many industries, including medical, legal, food and beverage and mbet36体育官方网站e.

Remember, discounts of up to 61.5% are available fbet36体育官方网站 CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching, CCNA Security and both CCNA CyberOps certification exams. Eligible students will be automatically notified by email and on their NetAcad profile page.

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Where do I take these courses?

Netwbet36体育官方网站king Academy courses can be taken in person at over 10,400 learning institutions around the wbet36体育官方网站ld. Some of our courses can be taken online, right here through Click "learn mbet36体育官方网站e" on a course?above to see which options are available.

Hear from a NetAcad graduate

Lucie d’Alguerre, Student, University of Lbet36体育官方网站raine, France

As cities build sensbet36体育官方网站s and data systems into infrastructure, a team of innovative Cisco Netwbet36体育官方网站king Academy students realized that a blind person’s white stick could become a smart stick. With mentbet36体育官方网站ing and suppbet36体育官方网站t from Cisco, they developed a prototype device to transfbet36体育官方网站m the urban experience fbet36体育官方网站 people without sight.

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